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The safety of children and youth is a top priority for organizations that work with youth, especially Michigan State University.  SAFE compliments and enhances our Volunteer Selection Process by ensuring that staff are able to identify signs of concern and know how to address difficult situations before they affect your youth audiences.

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Marion Araque

Peninsula Bridge

Becky is a wealth of knowledge in the world of mentoring. She supported my work in building our organization's mentor program.  Throughout the process Becky was a great thought partner who helped me build a blue print which served as the foundation of our program.  She shared great resources and templates for not only training mentors but also having tough conversations around student safety and the absolute non-negotiables when it comes to mentoring.  Whomever gets the opportunity to work with Becky will be deeply humbled by her wisdom and years of dedication and experience that she brings to the table. 


Dr. Susan G. Weinberger

Mentor Consulting Group

SAFE is one of the most comprehensive

and scholarly publications

that addresses the need to insure maximum protection for individuals involved in mentoring programs.  The Document will serve well

to guide professionals in the field of mentoring.

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