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Mentoring Training

Not all mentoring produces positive effects:

“Mentor practices that lead to a disappointing relationship

can have an adverse effect,

eroding a youth’s self-esteem and trust in adults.”

                                                                                                  Grossman and Rhodes, 1999


Becky Cooper is a recognized expert in the mentoring field.  She has more than 35 years' experience running one-to-one and school-based group mentoring programs.  Whether you are just starting a program, or are looking to enhance existing services, Becky can provide customized training and consultation around best practices to maximize your organization's positive impact on youth clients.

One tool that Becky uses is the Elements of Effective Practice document developed by MENTOR.  The Elements are research-informed and practitioner-approved best practices for creating and sustaining impactful mentoring relationships and strong program services.  Standards are presented on the following topics: Recruitment, Screening, Training, Matching and Initiating, Monitoring and Support, and Closure.

Becky's Training Expertise includes:

Strategic Planning: Vision, Mission, Strategic Framework, Goals and Outcomes

Programming: Management, Mentoring Models, Policies and Procedures, Safety

Implementation: Recruitment, Youth Needs, Screening, Training, Matching, Monitoring/Support/Closure

Evaluation: Program assessment, Making Adjustments for Continuous Improvement

One of the most requested services is around training mentors.

Successful mentors focus on the mentoring relationship and . . .

  • Are committed and engaged

  • Prioritize the relationship over outcomes

  • Remain youth-focused and promote youth’s development

  • Use a strengths-based approach

  • Manage personal expectations and reactions

  • Effectively use relational skills

    • To bridge differences in age, culture, class

    • To negotiate family relationships

  • Hold positive regard for their mentees

  • Provide a guiding framework


Training sessions are customized to agency needs.  Training is available for Staff, Volunteers, Mentors, Board members, and other constituents.


You may be eligible for free Mentoring Technical Assistance.  

Becky Cooper is an official Technical Assistance Provider of the NMRC/National Mentoring Research Center,

a project of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.  

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